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Have you ever imagined sleeping in a “Petal”?


To an Uncommon Luxury Hotel Experience – COMING SOON

 Why uncommon? Because you travel to The first hotel in the world that is dedicated to creating happiness, 

a Sanctuary in the midst of the mayan jungle spotted with several mystic and breathtaking cenotes. You will be staying in a “Petalo” and, if you choose to, live an experience that is designed to AWAKEN! To awaken your connection with nature, with others and, most importantly, the connection with yourself.

Travel to Connect and Be Happy!




  • Travel to an enchanted jungle Sanctuary, teeming with wild life and spotted with several mystic cenotes.
  • We are located in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, very close to its natural and cultural beauties.
  • Enjoy easy and fast access to the abundant attractions of the Riviera Maya while feeling the exclusivity and adventure of travelling “off the beaten path”.



  • Re-connecting with yourself, this is what Awakening is all about.
  • Once you connect to nature, you connect to everything.
  • Living the present moment using all of your attention will create a deeper connection with your loved ones,with  friends and especially with yourself. All of.
  • Awakening is geared towards that connection and we get there through our design of physical spaces, the experiences we offer, the service offered in the hotel.

Be Happy


  • We create and spread happiness – for our guests, our employees, our surroundings and also for ourselves.
  • Beyond a great time away from everyday life, we provide the opportunity to engage in Awakening experiences that promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Our guests choose the level and depth of their experience, which can reach from “just a fun and relaxing vacation” to personalized well-being programs, designed by our personal development and happiness coaches, so everybody can take a piece of sustained happiness back home.

Our Home – San Manuel


Awakening is proud to be part of San Manuel, a small Mayan community in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula. Its 1.5 million square meters (365 acres) of barely touched jungle embracing eight cenotes. The biggest and most impressive of the 8 cenotes on the land is called Chuum Pich which is Mayan for “trunk of the Pich tree”, thus referring to a gorgeous Pich tree at the border of the main cenote and the site’s abundant forest in general. Being literally “off the map” (San Manuel does not show up in a Google Maps search), San Manuel is away of the crowds, surrounded by wonderful natural and cultural beauties and just 80 minutes away from Cancun International Airport.

Cenote “Chuum-Pich”. Photo by Del Sol Photography

What is a Cenote?

A “Cenote” is a natural pool of crystal -clear fresh water created by erosion of the limestone that surround them. They receive that fresh water through their connection to  the world’s largest underground river system .We are blessed with having all three different types of cenotes (open, semi-open and caves) and eight cenotes total on our site.  The water is cool and delicious – many say it has healing qualities.


Cenote “Lechugilla”

Why are they consider sacred?

Cenotes were considered sacred by the ancient Mayans and many still claim to be able to feel the energy or even interact with “Aluxes” and other magical creatures. They represent portals to the underworld, better known as Xibalbá, a mystic place where gods, ancestors, and supernatural beings reside. We have not met them yet, but Awakening Sanctuary certainly is a magical place.

Cenote “Media Luna” (Half Moon), half cave-half open

Cenote “Chuum-Pich”, open cenote

Cenote “Cueva de los murciélagos” (cave of bats)



Designed to promote happiness 

Which is our mission?

Our mission is to offer our guests an extraordinary, potentially transformational TRAVEL experience that combines high-end comfort, profound relaxation, exhilarating adventure and tons of fun with the option to engage in personal development activities for our body, mind, and spirit. At Awakening our guests RECONNECT with nature, with others and ultimately with themselves as they take a step beyond just a vacation, taking home great memories, new perspectives and skills, and increased consciousness for an even HAPPIER, healthier and more abundant life.

Travel to Connect and be Happy!

Architecture – Designed to Connect and Evolve

Inspired by our Awakening philosophy about happiness, personal growth, and connection, our architectural team came up with an extraordinary design concept. “We designed a Cocoon (“Capullo”) and other amenities that mimic nature´s shapes and forms and use elements of sacred geometry”ARQMOV.


Our understanding of a hotel room is a “Cocoon”, designed to protect and help you evolve.


The organic lines are based on geometry found in the natural forms of nature. Not by replicating these forms, but by understanding and applying the rules governing them. “Sacred geometry” has its roots in the study of nature.

Our Capullos (Cocoons) – BEYOND A  HOTEL ROOM


Awakening is made for travelers seeking extraordinary and exclusive experiences combined with what we call “barefoot luxury”. To us, nature is the ultimate luxury so our version of luxury has nothing to do with marble floors and golden faucets, but revolves around providing a way to experience nature in the most fun and comfortable way possible.


Our request has always been to be able to experience the smell of nature, so you can smell the jungle, feel part of nature and listen to the orchestra of life while being embraced by comfort and intimacy.

Our Impact – Maximizing Social while minimizing environmental  IMPACT


  • Mother Nature is the main protagonist in the experiences we offer, so having a design that integrates with and adapts to nature is key to our concept. High standards of sustainability in all areas from our architectural design to our operation ensure minimal environmental impact. The use of clean energy, low impact building materials, waste reduction strategies, high-end water treatment facilities and reforestation activities will allow us to set an example in the Yucatan peninsula. Carbon neutrality from the start of operation is our goal.


  • GUESTS: Happiness and consciousness are contagious. So, a happier and more conscious person will spread that happiness to their families, friends, colleagues, employees, followers and leaders, thus creating better relationships and happier lives around them.
  • EMPLOYEES & STAKEHOLDERS: Our organization, including ourselves, need to live the change we would like to create for our guests. Therefore, we have designed HR and stakeholder management policies that are aligned with and support our mission.
  • OUR COMMUNTY: Many Mayan communities around us here on the Yucatan peninsula are struggling with low income and no access to personal development resources. We will create a “Happiness Fund” to provide personal development initiatives for these communities. In fact, each Awakening hotel night sold will pay for one personal development experience for one person, thus allowing us to reach up to 500 people or more every month


What we offer:

Participation at our social, environmental, conscious and profitable business – an opportunity to improve lives while making a reasonable return.

Target operating profit of 40 plus percent starting in the third year of operations leveling off at 46% after year 5.

Average 5 year return on investment of 40% p.a.

What we are looking for:

Investors with a passion for nature, consciousness and personal development, looking for more than just pure profit and financial return on investment.

Your contributions ideally go beyond pure financial investment, but also include personal knowledge, contacts and other involvement.

Partners and friends that share our vision and dream of co-creating a new kind of hotel experience – one that creates happiness for all stakeholders

What to do next:

Give us a call so we get to know each other – we are happy to provide an investment brochure in the case of mutual interest.

Together we develop an investment proposal that is customized to your needs and abilities to contribute.

We join forces to realize our common vision – welcome to the Awakening Team!

The Team

Martin Loeffler

Founder & President of Awakening

  • Holds a business degree from ESB Reutlingen Business Administration and a Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures de Mgmt of ESC Reims, France (MBA equivalent).
  • Partner in “Kronos Solar Projects GmbH” as the head of Kronos’ Mexico operations
  • Worked for 6 years as the top management consultant for Oliver Wyman Mercer in Munich
  • Head of Business Intelligence at “Allianz” in California (5 years)
  • CEO of a social business Venture Capital and incubator fund in Colombia in close cooperation with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus
  • Director of the California Institute of Social Business at CSU Channel Islands

Adriana Chardí

Founder & CEO of Awakening

  • Bachelor Degree in Hotel Business Administration, México City
  • Sustainable tourist and Organizational Consciousness development consulting projects
  • General Manager of Luxury Boutique Hotel “Le Reve”, Playa del Carmen
  • Area Manager: Marketing, PR and Communication at “Banyan Tree”, Mexico
  • Regional Sales and Marketing Manager for SLH (Small Luxury Hotels of the World) in Mexico and Central America
  • Involved in personal development organization dedicated to work with children, teenagers and adults
  • Leader of corporate team building and organizational development workshops

Fabio Correa, Eduardo Micha y Gabriel Merino

Design and Architecture

  • ARQMOV is a dynamic and ambitious team with 20 years of experience in a variety of construction projects, including luxury homes and apartments, commercial buildings, offices, and resorts and hotels built in Mexico, India, the USA and other countries, with a focus on service, sustainability, high living standards, ergonomics, originality and creativity.
  • The team has advanced knowledge and technical proficiency in the entire architectural process, from the conceptualization phase to project delivery.
  • The studio workshop prides itself on its depth of knowledge about management lease projects, and its construction development of high-quality buildings. Our positive attitudes and communication make us a team that works effectively with all our clients.

Alex Angélico

Director of A MÁS UNO Estrategia Digital

  • Director of A MAS UNO, a specialize agency in Web Design, Online Marketing and Social Media.
  • Passionate about the digital strategies and communications technology.
  • SEO Specialist.
  • PPC Specialist.
  • Senior Developer.

Tommy Plesky

Visual content creator

  • Holds a Bachelor Degree in Cinematography, especializing in Direction of photography and post-production (CIC – Centro Investigación Cinematográfica and UBA, Universidad de Belgrado, Buenos Aires, Argentina.) 2016
  • Founder and Creative director of Pleskyfilms –
  • Worked as manager for an Online marketing and web design development company from the UK (Tidal).
  • Over 10 years of experience on editing, post producing, filming, and creating visual content.
  • Over 550,000 views and more than 5,000 shares on Social media (Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube)
  • Publisher of a photography book called “Chasing Light” which counts on more than 50 pictures dedicated on the capture of light and its different ways of reflecting and acting. (Effects of materials on light, reflection, refraction, dispersion, Interference diffraction, polarization, etc)

Maru Talavera

Transformational Processes Expert

  • Entrepreneur
  • 28 years international experience facilitating groups and transformational processes
  • Experience with children, teenagers, and adults in projects related to personal, educative, organizational and transpersonal human growth and development
  • Effectiveness and Organizational development consultant
  • Certified Executive and Life Coach
  • CEO and Co- founder of different consultancy and human growth and development companies
  • Martial Arts and Qigong instructor
  • Passionate expert in body awareness, energy management, meditation, wellness, health, and dance therapy.
  • Promoter of a lifestyle based on Mind-Body-Heart-Soul effective balance.
  • Creator of Vida Paraíso, Energía Vital and Womanity projects.
  • Traveled through Asia, Europe and Africa for almost two years exploring and sharing different perspectives of culture, lifestyle and development models.
  • Always curious and open to learn and explore about myself, nature, consciousness development, human interactions, intuitive and emotional intelligence and everything that helps me to being a better human being.