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To an uncommon Luxury Hotel Experience

Why uncommon? Because it exists to awaken! To awaken our connection with nature, our connection with others and, most importantly, the connection with ourselves.

Travel to Connect and be Happy!



Travelling is not only taking a journey to a different place and to open our eyes to new scenarios and unknown cultures. Travelling also means giving ourselves time to meet with our individual realities. There is a magic in travelling that makes us decide which way to go, to grow and to find out who WE REALLY ARE.


“Travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”



Less environmental impact, more contemplation, and connection. Somehow, we are all connected. With people, places, ideas, events, and nature. In past memories or future imagination, shifting us one way or the other. And mainly in the NOW.


“We believe that together we can develop a conscious and healthy lifestyle”.

Be Happy


Go miles away from your daily routine, it’s your time to FEEL amazed again. Our mission goal is to generate happiness to our visitors, communities and the world. Therefore, we promote human connections while still beeing yourself, ease of mind with that pinch of adrenaline and a new sensation of what anyway lies inside everyone of us.


“We are committed to awaken your inner feelings that are still snoozing”

Our Home – Laguna Nopalitos

Awakening will be located in the Mexican RIVIERA MAYA on the shores of the Nopalitos crystal clear fresh water lagoon, about 10 km from TULUM, Mexico’s most hip and LATAM’s fastest growing tourist destination. The lagoon on the other hand lies at the edge of Sian Ka’an, Mexico’s largest natural reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Thus, the natural, calm and breathtaking environment will give your souls back what they longed for, provides relaxation and intimity. Besides there is the possibility to head to the center of Tulum for those who desire fancy or local restaurants and bars, shops, markets and the world-famous white sand dream beaches.

Awakening Map


Our Guests – Traveling to Grow

Awakening is made for travelers seeking exclusive spots slightly off the beaten path and engage in SPORTS, NATURE, ADVENTURE and original CULTURE. Seekers for authentic and memorable experiences that improve their personal welfare – interested in personal growth for themselves and their beloved ones. Lovers of exclusivity of services and high-end barefoot luxury amenities, yet interested in ecological and social responsibility initiatives. For those who understand simplicity as a away of sophistication and elegance, Awakening is:


An uncommon luxury Hotel experience where we offer a potentially transformational TRAVEL experience that combines high-end comfort, profound relaxation, exhilarating adventure and tons of fun with the option to engage in personal development activities for our body, mind, and spirit.

At Awakening our guests RECONNECT with nature, with others and ultimately with themselves as they take a step beyond just a vacation, taking home great memories, new perspectives, and skills, and increased consciousness for an even HAPPIER, healthier and more abundant life.

Awakening Experiences Mission Statement

Architecture – Designed to Connect and Evolve

Inspired in our Awakening Philosophy about evolution, personal growth, transformation, and connexions, designed by Mexico City-based architectural firm ARQUITECTURA EN MOVIMIENTO WORKSHOP came up with a story behind the architectural concept.


Based on a Spinning Top characteristicswhich is a body that can rotate about a point which lies on the center of gravity perpendicular to the axis of rotation, balancing on a point by angular velocity, which enables the development of gyroscopic effect, we want to support our architectural design  inviting for an introspection that generates evolution to rediscover ourselves as being in balance.


Using natural geometry and biomimetics as the model, Awakening tenders 20 cocoon-shaped rooms. Perfectly integrated into the environment, the property itself creates a space of natural beauty that protects and holds transformation, designed to connect our guest to the surrounding nature.


We feel responsible for interacting into and with nature, all building essentials are going to be made out of local and natural materials in discreet colors, Mother Nature, and our surroundings will be the only real STARS.”

Biomimicry  – Imitating and Integrating with Nature

We seeks for solutions for sustainability in nature, not by replicating the natural forms, but by understanding the rules governing those forms. The organic lines of Awakening’s buildings are based on geometry found in the “natural form of shelters” like cocoons, nests, shells, caves, and burrows. The reception desk shaped like a “hummingbird nest,” restaurant shaped like a seashell and multipurpose building shaped like a turtle’s shell would all enhance the natural feel of Awakening.

Rainwater collection systems would provide the cocoons with water. Renewable energies such as solar and the wind would power Awakening. Water will be treated on-site as well; the architects describe the system as a “complete water cycle and zero discharge to the aquifer.”

Our Capullos (Cocoons) & Facilities –

We design a human refuge, going beyond a simple hotel room. Each cocoon dwelling includes a living area, balcony, jacuzzi, bathroom and a meditation and sleeping area. An open, light space for unfolding and yet a feeling of familiarity and intimacy. The cocoons will be connected by suspension bridges. Notably, as the cocoons taper off where they connect to the earth, the dwellings would take up minimal ground space.


Awakening will provide high-end boutique hotel service standards with “barefoot luxury” style amenities. Along the lines of “less is more” and while very comfortable with spectacular views and artsy and creative facilities. The Facilities are designed to inspire, to be playful, and to enable a safe and enjoyable connection with its surrounding natural beauty rather than to impress through ostentatious buildings and amenities. Awakening also will have a Restaurant,  SPA, temazcal, meditation area, an adult playground, water sports equipment, a kite school, and many other heartwarming and unexpected spots.

Romantic, exclusive & intimate

Cosy, sexy & spectacular

Our Impact – Maximizing Social while minimizing environmental  IMPACT

The social impact AWAKENING  provokes, is the expansion of worldwide HAPPINESS across transforming people‘s mindset for a more Happy state of mind. This will provoke consequence such as healthier bodies, becoming more innovative, creative and stronger relationships for a social progress that impacts cultures, communities, and countries.

How to achieve that? AWAKENING has designed a complete happiness strategy that intense to promote a happy team (special human resource strategy), happiness hotel operation and services and  AWAKENING Programmes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

The long-term goal of the AWAKENING Founders (Martin & Adriana) is to take the concept to a global level, to awaken every human wellbeing and thus to have a massive positive impact on our precious planet!


“Why are your relationships failing? Why are you not as that happy as you could be? Why do you think your creativity is blocked? What are those thinks? and then awakening to those realities that make you see, what is the right path, in order to get to the goal that you are looking for?”Go back to our childhood and really understand what do you enjoy, what define you. Like reconnecting to that source, to those primal instincts that we all have and to your emotional center.”

Martin Loeffler – Founder.

 “Happiness means to Awakening, like waking up every day,  wake up what is dormant inside of you, wake up something that you had forgotten about, something that you enjoy but that you are not doing any longer, happiness is to awakening  to your desires, to be conscious, present and happy in this world.”

Adriana Chardi – Founder.


Awakening has one main propose: to share and spread HAPPINESS. We strongly connect happiness with wellbeing: In contrast to wellness, we interpret well-being more broadly, as a way of lifestyle, that deals with self-discovery and a high quality of a mental and physical health in an active long-term process.


Stay Tuned, get connected and Follow us…!



What we offer:

Participation at our social, environmental, conscious and profitable business – an opportunity to improve lives while making a reasonable return.

Target operating profit of 40 plus percent starting in the third year of operations leveling off at 46% after year 5.

Average 5  year return on investment of 40% p.a.

What we are looking for:

Investors with a passion for nature, consciousness and personal development, looking for more than just pure profit and financial return on investment.

Your contributions ideally go beyond pure financial investment, but also include personal knowledge, contacts and other involvement.

Partners and friends that share our vision and dream of co-creating a new kind of hotel experience – one that creates happiness for all stakeholders

What to do next:

Give us a call so we get to know each other – we are happy to provide an investment brochure in the case of mutual interest.

Together we develop an investment proposal that is customized to your needs and abilities to contribute.

We join forces to realize our common vision – welcome to the Awakening Team!