How did all this start?

When our paths crossed about three years ago, we realized we had many similarities in both our personal and professional lives. We share and enjoy many adventurous fun activities such as kite surfing and being in nature. We understand the importance of continuing our personal growth as well. Martin desired to create a hotel experience for people combining fun adventure and personal development. Adriana was an hotelier and had created the brand and concept of Awakening. By combining their efforts they felt this was a good opportunity to accompany people on their own path towards an even more conscious, connected and happy life.  The perfect love and life match! This connection created what they now refer to as “our project of life”, AWAKENING, Riviera Maya.


The Driving Force Behind the Concept:


  • We can work on what we love and feel passionate about.
  • We can follow our path of personal development while sharing it with others who have similar interest – all this embedded in incredibly beautiful nature at a spectacular place that we designed as much for our personal as for our guests’ joy.
  • As a couple working together, we can further deepen our relationship based on respect, freedom, and individuality, facing the challenges that working together involve and thus strengthening our spiritual connection and profound love.
  • We have the opportunity to break paradigms, explore new ways of living and most notably make a living as a family, finding daily happiness and fulfillment by realizing our life project together as a family.

What we offer:

Participation at our social, environmental, conscious and profitable business – an opportunity to improve lives while making a reasonable return.

Target operating profit of 40 plus percent starting in the third year of operations leveling off at 46% after year 5.

Average 5 year return on investment of 40% p.a.

What we are looking for:

Investors with a passion for nature, consciousness and personal development, looking for more than just pure profit and financial return on investment.

Your contributions ideally go beyond pure financial investment, but also include personal knowledge, contacts and other involvement.

Partners and friends that share our vision and dream of co-creating a new kind of hotel experience – one that creates happiness for all stakeholders

What to do next:

Give us a call so we get to know each other – we are happy to provide an investment brochure in the case of mutual interest.

Together we develop an investment proposal that is customized to your needs and abilities to contribute.

We join forces to realize our common vision – welcome to the Awakening Team!