The driving Force behind Awakening

When our paths crossed about 5 years ago, we realized that both of us had many similarities even though we were born on two different continents. One of those similarities is that we both speak the other person’s mother language (Adriana speaks German as well and Martin Spanish), we share the same passion of kite surfing and being in nature, we enjoy adventurous and fun activities. We are both rather small town than big city lovers constantly working on our personal growth. Martin desired to create a Glamping experience to host people and show them a great time combining high-end action sports with Yoga and personal development components, accompanying his guests on their own path towards an even more conscious, connected and happy life. Adriana has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and developed consciousness touristic projects on the side. The perfect match.So we started to develop a common vision, to pursue our long-term purpose and to make our dream come true. We joined forces to create what we now refer to as our “project of life”: AWAKENING.

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