Awakening | AWAKENING the path – when phantasy comes true.
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AWAKENING the path – when phantasy comes true.

AWAKENING the path – when phantasy comes true.

The key to a fulfilled and abundant being is to create your own life story.

Blog Entry Number 1.  Wow, we really did it. WELCOME to the blog of Awakening!
This is the story “behind the scenes” of our life project. It is the path we have embarked upon and the path that still lies ahead of us to reach our dream. It is us sharing with you our experiences, anecdotes, adventures and insights day by day. For us to document and for you to follow us and our life as a family, as a couple, as entrepreneurs, professionals, man and woman, father and mother, seeking to be better persons, to advance on our path and to support others in the process – every day….
What is Awakening? To make it short: Awakening means to TRAVEL, TO CONNECT and TO BE HAPPY.

Awakening is an uncommon luxury hotel experience where we offer a potentially transformational TRAVEL experience that combines high-end comfort, profound relaxation, exhilarating adventure and tons of fun with the option to engage in personal development activities for our body, mind, and spirit.
At Awakening our guests RECONNECT with nature, with others and ultimately with themselves as they take a step beyond just a vacation, taking home great memories, new perspectives, and skills, and increased consciousness for an even HAPPIER, healthier and more abundant life.
Awakening Mission Statement

How did all this start?
This is the life story of Adriana and Martin: When our paths crossed about two years ago, we realized that both of us had many similarities even though we were born on two different continents. One of those similarities is that we both speak the other person’s mother language (Adriana speaks German and Martin is fluent in Spanish), we share the same passion of kite surfing and being in nature, we enjoy adventurous and fun activities. We are both rather small town than big city lovers constantly working on our personal growth.
Martin desired to create a Glamping (Glamorous Camping) experience to host people and show them a great time combining high-end action sports with Yoga and personal development components, accompanying his guests on their own path towards an even more conscious, connected and happy life. Adriana has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and developed consciousness touristic projects on the side. The perfect match.
So we started to develop a common vision, to pursue our long-term purpose and to make our dream come true. We joined forces to create what we now refer to as our “project of life”: AWAKENING.
What’s in it for us?
•    We can work on what we love and feel passionate about.
•    We can follow our path of personal development while sharing it with others who have similar interest – all this embedded in incredibly beautiful nature at a spectacular place that we designed as much for our personal as for our guests’ joy.
•    As a couple working together, we can further deepen our relationship based on respect, freedom and individuality, facing the challenges that working together involve and thus strengthening our spiritual connection and profound love.
•    We have the opportunity to break paradigms, explore new ways of living and most notably make a living as a family, finding daily happiness and fulfilment by realizing our life project together as a family.

How do we do it? The strong desire to achieve our goals, the clarity of our vision that guides our acts and the love that unites us, inspires and motivates us every day to create The Awakening Hotel project.
Well, we will start with a Social media campaign, open this blog, fill our Facebook Fan page (set hyperlink) but let’s look at it as a personal diary. The diary of a couple, of a family and an entrepreneurial team that would like to turn their vision and dream into reality. This diary describes our journey towards more and sustained happiness, or better, the path towards the realization that happiness is not a destination, but the path itself – our Awakening.

ANOTHER PIC OF ADRI & MARTIN (kiting or a pic from 4 elements shoot with Del Sol)

Every day we move forward a little bit – sometime we move backwards – but every day has a message, an insight, and a step towards increased consciousness for us. For our own learning or maybe just as a memory, we would like to document these insights and whatever else happens on this path and we would like to share this path with you through our stories.

What can you expect from Awakening – The Path? Honestly, we are not yet sure what exactly this diary will look like – I guess it is the nature of things that this will depend on what will actually happen in our lives. But what you can expect is simply the truth – an honest, transparent, and concise description of what is happening to us as entrepreneurs, as woman and man, as a lovers and life partners, as mother and father, as locals and foreigners, as investor and investee. While we will try to state facts, we will certainly, consciously and unconsciously show you our interpreted version of what really happens, the conclusions we draw out of our experiences and the insights generate for us and that we are happy to share with you.

So please accompany us on our path, we hope it will be almost as interesting and beneficial for you as it hopefully will be for us. The Journey has begun – looking forward to what is coming next…

Stay tuned!

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